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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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03 May, 2021. Chelyabinsk

Jose J Romo

The best service and best prices. I will use your services again and again

29 April, 2021. Krasnoyarsk


1. Beautiful Bouquet 2. Perfect Delivery Timing 3. Professional Corresponding 4. Good Price 5. Easy to Order I would love to use MEGAFLOWERS again. THANK YOU


05 April, 2021. Chelyabinsk

Мария Хром

Megaflowers как всегда на высоте! Замечательный выбор цветов, быстрая доставка (буквально 2 часа и цветы и конфеты доставили) и прекрасный букет! Спасибо за хороший сервис и качество. Great service and high quality flowers.

17 March, 2021. Vladivostok


Perfect & Professional

11 March, 2021. Volgograd

Yi Guo& Sasha

Really happy our friends when they recieve those flowers, very fresh and very kindly people who make delivery service thank you

09 March, 2021. Saint Petersburg

hayri yıldırım

I am very pleased Even my last minute orders arrived on time. I would like to thank all the units and staff who contributed. Thanks a lot megaflowers

08 March, 2021. Novosibirsk


Thank you for your responsiveness and fast service. Much appreciated.

05 March, 2021. Saint Petersburg

Paul Leyden

Fast service, food prices and accurate description

Paul Leyden
Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
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15 February, 2021. Perm

Travis Schmitz

Always very easy and friendly to deal with everyone there. Another pleasant Valentine’s Day for my loved ones.

Gipsy Aza
Gipsy Aza
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15 February, 2021. Moscow

Jesus Grande

I am happy that my special person got her gift and that she was very happy to receive it. The only complaint that I have is that some of the flowers were damaged during shipping and also some leaves as well. Other than that everything is a-okay.

Jesus Grande
15 February, 2021
Quality Service Department of Megaflowers
  Thank you for your feedback and we apologize. Unfortunately, in the photo you sent, we did not see the damaged flowers. The bouquet looks gorgeous! Perhaps the foliage on the stems has suffered, it can be removed, it is not critical. We have a quality guarantee and when providing a photo, we will always offer you options for correcting the situation from the company! Sincerely yours, Megaflowers